Submission for Game Boy Competition 2021

Made in Chris Maltby's GB Studio.

Music, scenario, and scripting: Rurik (me)

Art assets (Backgrounds, cutscene art, sprites): A very helpful reptile.

Mini Molly is a compact trip through an unseen world of 90s toys. Help Molly find her way back home after she's shrunk down to the size of a mighty,  microsized warrior! Playsets not included.

Arrow keys (D-pad) = move

z (A-button) = interaction/jump

x (B-button) = shoot

Left Shift (Select Button) = Change weapon

Enter (Start Button) = Open Menu

StatusIn development
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
Tags90s, Game Boy, gb-studio, nostalgia, Perspective, Pixel Art


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great music and i love the title screen


Really nice game, but lots of bugs.

This game really needs a "restart room"/"restart level" button

I'm currently facing skullborg, but my character disappeared and the boss ran offscreen, so I'm stuck on a still screen where nothing happens...


Thank you so much for playing through so far!!

The restart level button suggestion is really nice! We're working on expanding the game and debugging (at the speed of life, sadly), so letting us know about those issues is valuable. Thanks again!

Ever since I picked up the golden whip, my character started going super fast (in top down levels only, not side scroller sections), making it hard to navigate. I think this might be why I ended up off-screen in the skullborg room

(+1) download for the real hardware?


This is cool! The opening animation is so good. The pixel art is so clean and polished there. The rest of the game doesn't quite live up to that level, but I bet it will with a little more work


Really liked the story and the combination of action and small puzzles.


Thank you! I've seen that you were reviewing all the submissions. Your comment means a lot!
I hope to come back to this and polish it up after the judging is over.